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  • Sep 08, 2021

What are some hacks for taking great product photos?

What do natural light, shadow effects, colored lens filter, and soft-focus lens effect have in common? They all are amazing hacks for photography and can make your pictures look awesome! 

One of the most interesting things about photography is that it gives you ample opportunity to get creative. Even if expensive equipment is not your thing, you can always try out photo hacks to get the best shots. 

Besides, if you are one of those photographers who wish to leave others scratching their heads while wondering how creative photographs can be, this guide is for you. 

So let’s begin, and don’t forget to share this guide with your photographer friends.

Natural lighting photography

Photography hacks by Slazzer

Good lighting is a crucial aspect of photography and what’s better than natural lighting. Direct or diffuse, warm or cool, soft or harsh, the light you choose will have a significant impact on pictures. 

Needless to say, natural light can even make an ordinary image look magical. In fact, one reason photographers opt for natural lighting is that it makes things look real instead of artificial. 

Besides, natural light photography does not require heavy equipment. So if you want to indulge in good product photography, natural light is your best friend. 

Pro Tip – Golden Hour is the best time to get amazing shots. It occurs twice a day – one hour after sunrise and one hour before it sets. The pictures clicked in the golden hour will have a distinct gold light, which is flattering for most products and people.

Colored lens filter

lens filter for product photography

Another way to make your pictures look splendid and change background color is by using a colored lens filter. They affect the color of the light or change colors in the final image. 

Although digital photographers don’t always require colored lens filter, there are some compelling reasons to use the same. Primarily, filters enhance colors and reduce the light coming to the lens. Besides, it minimizes glare and reflections. 

Using a colored lens filter is a great camera hack for photography as it adds contrast to the image and creates more vivid colors.

Soft focus lens effect

slazzer's commercial Photography

One of the popular photo hacks is using the soft-focus lens effect. A soft-focus lens uses spherical aberration to make the image look blurry while retaining sharp edges. 

This hack helps add a dreamy glow and reduces local contrast in the image. Besides, it gives a smoother effect to the image. 

The effect can also be achieved by using a photo background editor online.

Thrilling shadow effects

Guidance on photography

Most photographers use shadow effects to enhance the appearance of an image in many ways. While they may not be used as a focal point, shadows can be used as accentuating details.

Shadows also add contrast, composition, dimension, and balance to pictures. Moreover, shadows need not be black. You can experiment with colored lights and lights covered with cellophane paper. 

We hope these hacks for photography help you get the most amazing shots. You can also edit the background of the pictures to make them look more appealing. Happy Clicking!

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