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$ / image

  • 100 Credits $ 13.0
  • 300 Credits $ 36.0
  • 1000 Credits $ 110.0
  • 1800 Credits $ 180.0
  • 5000 Credits $ 399.0
  • 10000 Credits $ 599.0
  • 20000 Credits $ 999.0
  • 50000 Credits $ 1999.0
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All plans include

** Auto-rollover of unused credits up to 1 year from date of purchase

Unlimited free previews in slazzer.com Slazzer Premium Editor API access & Apps for windows / Mac / Linux Support upto 25 Megapixel resolution Upgrade / Downgrade plan anytime All plan credits will be valid for 1 year from the date of purchase

All plans include

Unlimited free previews on slazzer.com
Slazzer Premium Editor
API access & Apps for windows / Mac / Linux
Support upto 25 Megapixel resolution
Upgrade / Downgrade plan anytime without loosing existing credits.
No Monthly Subscriptions !! All plan credits valid for 1 year from date of purchase.
We offer 100% assured money back on all our plans. Learn more
** All our credits last one year and if you make any purchase before the year ends, all credits rollover automatically!
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Frequently asked questions

01 What are image credits?

In order to use Slazzer for full resolution images, you need to buy a bank of Slazzer image credits. 1 credit will get you 1 image cutout in HD. You can use Slazzer image credits through the Slazzer API, in the Windows/ Mac/ Linux desktop app or the variety of Plugins (Wordpress, Figma etc..)

Slazzer Image Credits can be bought by users anytime and last 1 year. Slazzer has NO MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTIONS and offers the bonus of rollover credits if you purchase additional credits before the expiration date. That means all your previous credits get ROLLED OVER into the new plan and get extended by one year! Note Slazzer also offers unlimited preview images on its website at 0.25 resolution.

The resolution of your image determines the quality of your image. The higher the resolution, the better and clearer the image. Slazzer offers high-resolution or HD images according to the quality requirements which is best for professional use. Slazzer automatically removes backgrounds for full-resolution images with up to 25 megapixels (6250×4000). That is 4K quality. The resolution of the image is dependent on the job you are performing. For example: for eCommerce sites, your image will be on average 1- 4 megapixels (2500 x 1600). You can be rest assured that with Slazzer, it will automatically remove backgrounds quickly and in full-resolution without compromising image quality.

You can Upgrade / Downgrade your plan anytime, without even losing existing credits. All credits get rolled over! There are no monthly payments. All our credits last 1 year and if you make any purchase before the year ends, all credits get rolled over!

Slazzer does not charge any surplus fee if you run out of credits. The image downloads and API calls will get stopped, but you will get notified by Slazzer when 15% of your balance is remaining.

If you want to be assured that you don’t run out of credits, then you should take these measures:

Make sure to choose a plan that has slightly more credits than you need. (No worries on losing credits as Slazzer, unlike others, rolls over all credits for free and has no monthly subscriptions!

Don't forget to upgrade your plan when you are notified of running low on credits.

Monitor your account at least once a month.

To download images in higher resolutions than 0.25 megapixels, follow these steps:

Step 1 - Make sure you are Logged in and have credits remaining in your account.

Step 2 - Upload an image with high resolution (at least larger than 0.25 megapixels).

Step 3 - After the upload you can either edit the picture or download it right away. To Download Full Size image - Just click on the Download button and from the pop up option select Download Full image , To edit the Full image you need to click on the EDIT button and from the options select EDIT FULL IMAGE

Slazzer is an AI-powered background removal tool that identifies the foreground pixels of an image and removes everything else in a blink of an eye. The foreground is the main object of the image which can be a person, product, animal, car, or any other main subject. Also make sure that your picture is clear with accurate contrast and alignment. For accurate results, try to include only one main subject in the image. The subject should be in focus and should be clear. Avoid extreme angles and multiple subjects. If your image is still not supported, and you are an enterprise client, then you can reach out to Slazzer’s customer service at [email protected].

NO, Slazzer has NO MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTIONS PLANS! All the Slazzer plans are valid up to 1 YEAR from the date of purchase. You can even purchase new credits and rollover ALL existing credits to the new plan's expiration date. This is unlike any other software solution as Slazzer has NO MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTIONS, ROLLOVER credits and ROLLOVER EXPIRATION dates. You will NEVER LOSE credits monthly as Slazzer has no monthly restrictions. Learn More

Tools & Plugins

Automate your workflow & boost productivity with slazzer

Slazzer Desktop App

Automate your workflow , and process upto 1000 images automatically at just a touch of a button. Click "start" and watch as each image gets cut out 100% automatically.

WooCommerce Plugin

Using the wooCommerce plugin, you can now automatically change or remove the background of multiple images directly from your wordpress site. Great for selling products.

Figma Plugin

Using the figma plugin you can now directly import your work onto figma and remove the image background automatically with just a click of a button.

Mobile App

Download the slazzer mobile application and instantly remove the image background 100% automatically in just 5 seconds. Try it now for free

Photoshop Plugin

Using the photoshop plugin you can remove backgrounds in photoshop with just a single click.

Shopify Plugin

Upload your product images directly to your shopify store without losing time and remove backgrounds automaticaly in just few seconds.

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