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1 image = 1 credit or 0.20 credit per image icon-info.svg

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free-credits.svg 2 Free credits
free-preview.svg Unlimited free previews on
app-access.svg API access & Apps for windows / Mac / Linux
Photoshop Extension Photoshop Extension
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Subscription Plan

$ / image

Best Value
100 credits / month per month Flat 15% off $ 11.0 $ 0.11 /img
300 credits / month per month Flat 15% off $ 36.0 $ 0.12 /img
1000 credits / month per month Flat 15% off $ 94.0 $ 0.09 /img
1800 credits / month per month Flat 15% off $ 155.0 $ 0.09 /img
5000 credits / month per month Flat 15% off $ 344.0 $ 0.07 /img
10000 credits / month per month $ 518.0 $ 0.05 /img
20000 credits / month per month $ 862.0 $ 0.04 /img
50000 credits / month per month $ 1725.0 $ 0.03 /img
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*Price excluding VAT, if applicable

Risk free: 14 Days Money Back Guarantee icon-info.svg

Flexible:Downgrade, upgrade or cancel any timeicon-info.svg

Fair:Unused credits roll over as long as you're subscribedicon-info.svg

top up

$ / image

10 credits $ 6.0 $ 0.60 /img
50 credits $ 18.0 $ 0.36 /img
200 credits $ 65.0 $ 0.33 /img
500 credits $ 138.0 $ 0.28 /img
2000 credits $ 432.0 $ 0.22 /img
4000 credits $ 648.0 $ 0.16 /img
8000 credits $ 1038.0 $ 0.13 /img
12000 credits $ 1296.0 $ 0.11 /img
*Price including VAT, if applicable

Credits available for use anytime within two years from the date of purchase.

All plans include

photoshop.svg for Adobe Photoshop


Support upto 25 Megapixel resolution


Unlimited free previews on


API and Apps for Windows/Mac/Linux

Unlimited API access and cutouts for unlimited possibilities

Say goodbye to background removal restrictions with our unlimited solutions - take a look!
Slazzer On-prem Solution

Process Unlimited images without any restrictions from your own server.

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Slazzer Infinity Desktop App - Windows & Linux

Unlimited background remover desktop app for Windows and Linux.

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Slazzer Enterprise

Looking to process more than 100,000 images per year ? Get in touch with our Enterprise Sales for a custom plan quote.

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Frequently asked questions

Should I get a subscription plan or Top Up plan?

It all depends on your use case. If you want to perform a one time job with no commitment, our Top Up plans can be the best way to go. These credits also expire after two years which is also great.

If you have ongoing requirements, our subscription plans offer the best savings and start at just 100 credits per month. We also let you rollover any unused credits (up to 6×) which gives you peace of mind.

Slazzer credits enable you to use our API, Desktop software or Plugins to download full-HD resolution images.

Credits can be used in all Slazzer products at the rate of 1 image = 1 credit. Preview images are free only on the website and are 1/5th a credit when using the Slazzer API.

You can purchase credits here ->

You can upload any image in JPG, JPEG or PNG format with a file size up to 12 megabytes and 25 megapixel resolution.

If the image resolution is larger than 25 megapixels (e.g. 6250 × 4000 pixels or any other aspect ratio) it gets automatically resized to this maximum resolution.

All photos must have a subject that is clearly meant to be in the foreground. For example, most images of products, people, cars, animals, and other objects work very well.

Preview images have a low resolution upto 0.25 megapixels (e.g 625 × 400 pixels).

We offer unlimited free previews on our website only.

Preview images are 1/5th a credit when using the Slazzer API.

Yes, you can cancel, upgrade or downgrade your subscription plan at any time. Read more here.

At the moment Slazzer works very well for images of products, people, cars and any image with a clear foreground. You can always try our site for free at to test the quality. We also offer 2 free high resolution images just for signing up.

If you are an existing premium plan customer (with usage of at least 10,000 credits per month), you only pay for images that meet your quality standards. Read more about our Quality Guarantee.

Our subscription plans are the most advantageous in the industry as we give you the ability to roll over 6 X your monthly credit budget. This takes care of any seasonal changes in your business or holiday planning. For example, if you have a 1000 credits per month subscription, we automatically deposit 1000 credits to your account every month. Plus you can roll over up to another 6,000 credits from previous months!

We will notify you by email when you have used 85% of your credit balance for a month. Once you have used up all credits, no more background removals are possible until next month. Should you need more credits, you can either upgrade your plan or purchase a Top Up plan.

We use as our payment processor and support all major Credit Cards.

The Slazzer REST API can be used by developers to integrate our background removal AI in your website or app. It is a HTTP-based interface with extensive parameters. You can find more information in our API documentation here.

Our apps for Windows / Mac / Linux and Photoshop / Figma/ Sketch are all built on top of the API.

Slazzer can process up to 500 images per minute. We also offer increased rate limits on demand. To learn more contact us.

Yes, Slazzer is 100% GDPR compliant. You can learn more about it in our Privacy Policy.

Yes, Slazzer can be used for commercial purposes if you purchase any Top-up plan or a monthly subscription of at least 300 credits.