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  • Dec 01, 2021

White background for styling your pictures

The color white denotes perfection, clarity, and invokes feelings of thoughtfulness in almost every individual. This is why images with a plain white background have gained popularity over the last several years on various visual platforms like Instagram, Facebook and every Ecommerce platform. White backgrounds in photos are crucial as it allows the subject to “pop” with no distractions, creating a better visual experience for your audience. Marketers, too, depend on white backdrops to enhance branding and showcase their products with confidence.

White background for styling your pictures

Since not everyone has access to expensive studios and software, we have assembled some unique photo editing options for you (bonus, you might already have them at your disposal). If you are already doing in-house product photography or just refining your techniques for commercial photography projects, these methods will give you an economical and convenient white background for all your photos.

White Painted Wall

The first option on our list for creating a white background is a white wall. We all have walls in our house (unless you live in a tent), and if you don’t have a white surface, you can easily paint it. Always make sure that you have a white wall near a window to have plenty of natural lighting while shooting your images.

The only downside is that you cannot do flat lays on a white wall (obviously), but it would be the best option for a portrait session.

White Painted Wall

White Fabric

Silk, linen, velvet, and burlap, the list of textiles is endless, and it is easy to get these fabrics in white. Fabric is a convenient and lightweight option that you can take anywhere as a prop for white cloth background. Using fabric as a white background only has one downside: it can wrinkle easily, but if you love textures, it won’t be a problem. And if you want to eliminate the texturing, you can shoot at a shallow aperture or use film.

White Fabric


Though not as featherlight as fabric, melamine comes in the form of large sheets and can be cut down in any size you desire, making it easy to transport from place to place. Its smooth, flat sheen and the easy-to-clean surface is every photographer’s dream as there are never any camera glares or bright spots on the surface.

Image of melamine

Foam Boards

Want a high-end look for your image background? Simply try foam boards. Foam boards are something you will find in every stylist’s prop collection. Despite their thickness, foam boards are incredibly light and can be carried easily to any shoot location. Since these boards are sturdy, you can also prop them up and use them as a bounce card to reflect light on the subject.

Don’t worry if the foam board becomes mucky, you can head to the dollar store or target and get a new cheap board easily.

Image of foam board

Paper and Poster Boards

You might remember poster boards and paper from all the assignments you did in high school. Poster Boards are just like foam boards but less sturdy. Its matte finish perfectly absorbs light allowing the camera to focus on the subject. You can also use a large piece of paper for a white sheet background but it creases and tears quickly, so if you want something that lasts long – paper is not the option for you.

While poster boards and papers provide a clean aesthetic look and are perfect for batch shooting, they can be difficult to work with as they can get easily wrinkled. So if you want a quick fix, you can choose this option but if you want something durable and long-lasting, this is not the right choice for you.

Image of posterboard


Lastly, to create that perfect white background you can use this AI enabled tool that uses advanced computer vision algorithms to remove and change an image background automatically in just a few seconds. You just need to upload a picture onto its website and it instantly creates a transparent png image with options to insert a color or custom background. 

In conclusion, the minimalist lifestyle is trending on social media these days for a reason as more and more people are embracing the idea of minimalism and focused photography. Using a white background in photos supports this objective to give you a clean and consistent look for all your photos. This is not a trend, this is becoming the foundation of everything you see online.

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