What images are supported?

You can upload any image in JPG, JPEG or PNG format with a file size up to 12 megabytes.
All photos must have a subject that is clearly meant to be in the foreground. For example, most images of products, people, cars, animals, and other objects work very well.

General Recommendations

Contrast: Images should be taken under ideal lighting conditions with a clear distinction between the foreground and background.

Alignment: Images should have proper orientation. (e.g. the floor is at the bottom of the image and the sky is at the top).

Monotone Backgrounds: Single color or blur backgrounds are easier to remove than overly detailed and sharp backgrounds.

Sharp foreground: If the foreground is fuzzy or blurry it might get removed by our AI. If only the contour or edges are blurry, they will still be blurry in the resulting cutout (which may or may not be an issue).

Recommendations for photos of people

Number of people: Images with a single person or with a few people perform better than photos with large groups of people.

Objects: Objects held in the subject’s hands or worn on the body are usually supported (e.g. glove), whereas large objects standing out can be an issue.

Recommendations for product photos and other objects

Entire object: The entire product should be visible in the image, e.g. it must not be cut off.

Object in focus: Products should be in front of a plain background (photo studio, wall, or floor).

Shadows and reflections: Try to avoid extensive shadows or reflections as they can be mistaken to be part of the foreground.

Leave out decorations: Do not place decorative objects in the image. Do not add icons, logos, stamps or art to the image before uploading it.

Recommendations for images of animals

Number of animals: Images with a single animal or with a few animals perform better than photos with large groups of animals.

Recommendations for car photos

Avoid unnecessary angles: The photo should be ideally at eye level.

Non Obstructed: The car should not be obstructed by any object or subject.

One at a time: For best results, only include one car in each photo. Only the largest most visible and largest car will be cut out, everything else will be considered a background.