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  • Jul 19, 2021

Best Bulk photo Background Remover: slazzer.com

Are you looking to remove the background from a bunch of images at once? Slazzer, the Best Bulk Background Remover, is the answer. Removing the background of your product photos helps to use the same image multiple times while still creating new content.But how do you process several images at once without spending much time and effort?

bulk photo background remover - slazzer.com

Slazzer – the Bulk Remover Software can help you make your images more convincing by bulk clipping the background in just a single touch of a button. Whether you are making a greeting card or indulging in photography, removing the background will give you the freedom to use the same picture again and again.

We live in an era where users have a low attention span. No doubt, words are essential, but it is the visuals that catch attention and keep the reader hooked. While words build a narrative, visual elements make it compelling and easier to grasp.

Why is background removal important?

Images are highly effective in marketing your product and have great potential in finding the right clients.

Here’s how!

Good-quality images stay in the minds of users and create an impact. Sometimes a noisy background just causes a photo to be chaotic and for this reason, removing the background can help enhance the quality of an image.

Besides, removing the background makes the image look more crisp. It definitely looks more pleasing with a neutral look when it comes to marketing a product.

And that’s not it! If the image is cluttered and has a dominant background, the main subject will lose its credibility. By removing the background, you can bring the focus back to the primary subject or object.

Lastly, removing the background can also help you in eliminating undesired elements that might have entered the frame at the wrong time.

But how can you remove an image background easily? Do you need to be tech-savvy to make your images look more appealing? No, absolutely not! You can do it all with a simple-to-use, background removing tool. Let’s learn more about it.

Slazzer – the Best Bulk Background Removal Software

Do you want all your product images with a similar background? No worries, as Slazzer is one of the leading photo editing applications that removes image background in seconds. It uses artificial intelligence and can help you with processing thousands of images at once!

Save time, effort, and money and leave the image looking perfect with no trace of cut-outs. Slazzer also gives you the option to edit images to make them look more authentic and genuine. Great for:

  • For Personal Use

Whether you are creating multiple greeting cards or editing numerous images for your social media, the process can be made completely automatic and stress free with Slazzer’s bulk photo processing desktop app.

Create cool profile pictures, frame your image, or put yourself in front of your favorite destination – all of this in just a few seconds.

  • For E-Commerce

Needless to say, e-commerce is all about product photography. So you don’t want the image background to take away all the attention from the actual subject.

Slazzer can help with removing the background of 1000’s of images at once to bring attention to your products and eliminate any distractions. Besides, uniform images will always help gain customer trust, thereby increasing sales.

  • For Photographers

Has editing pictures always been a task for you? Photographers experience the daily struggle of changing multiple image backgrounds quite often. But why waste your precious time when Slazzer can do it in a few seconds?

Slazzer handles all scenarios with expertise, providing exceptional results. Tricky-edged products, portrait shots, hair, and car photos are handled with fine precision.

With the Slazzer desktop app now you can process bulk images in just a single click of a button completely automatic.

  • For News and Media

Pictures convey the best stories! We know that news and media professionals have hectic schedules and usually have to create a variety of designs quickly. The Slazzer desktop app helps them to craft high-quality images in bulk with zero effort.

By removing image backgrounds in a flash and making it easy to edit, Slazzer allows you to focus on more critical tasks.

  • For Car Dealerships

Ordinary car photos look dull and boring. How about removing the background image of all your automobile inventory in seconds, using a white background, and adding some shading effects? This will not only make the images look super attractive, but also will help in increasing the possibilities of selling the car much faster.

The Slazzer desktop app can process 1000’s of cars at once! Place your vehicle in front of any other environment and add a dealer logo for brand recognition. This is a must for any auto dealer network.

Bulk Background Removal with Slazzer API

Slazzer is not just an amazing tool to create impressive marketing material, but its API integration is also used by many Fortune 500 companies to create a novel service or ameliorate their user experience.

Interested in adding Slazzer – the bulk background remover to your desktop? Read on to learn how to download the Slazzer desktop application.

Step by Step guide on how to use the Slazzer Desktop App:

Of course, you can go to Slazzer.com and remove any image background in a few seconds by uploading the image file by file or if you want to save yourself the time of doing every picture one by one – here’s how you can process images in bulk in just a click.

step by step guide to use the slazzer desktop app.

Click “Start” and watch as each image gets cut out 100% automatically

process multiple images with the slazzer desktop app for Windows/Mac/Linux.

is Slazzer expensive?

No, absolutely not! In fact, you can sign up for free and upload as many pictures as you want and check out the preview images for free. Signing up will also give you 2 free credits for high resolution images.

You can use a subscription plan for ongoing requirements. Slazzer, unlike other background removal tools, allows for rolling over any unused credits (up to 6x).

Besides subscription plans, you can also try out the Top Up plans if you want to perform a one-time job. Such credits expire after 2 years, which is great for users who don’t have everyday requirements.

All plans include the Slazzer Photoshop plugin, support up to 25-megapixel resolution, unlimited free previews on www.slazzer.com, Slazzer for Windows/Mac/Linux, and Adobe Photoshop extension.

What are you waiting for? Sign up at Slazzer and make your images more appealing and effective.

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