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Upload multiple images and folders

Remove the backgrounds from as many files as you like by dragging them into the application window. As soon as you click "Start" you'll see the images being cut out automatically.

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Astonishing Results

Get precise cut-outs powered by artificial intelligence that can be used to edit product photos, portraits, or anything else. Even hair and other difficult conditions, such as curved edges, are handled perfectly.

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Specify the Background and Size

Use the same parameters across all files. Whether you need small or large images, transparent backgrounds or colored ones, you have complete control. Choose your preferences, and they'll be applied to all future files without further action required.

How background eraser app works?

Remove image backgrounds in a flash with Slazzer. All you need to do is follow a few easy steps.

Frequently asked questions

How does the Slazzer desktop application for Windows/Mac/Linux work?

Slazzer for Windows/Mac/Linux is a desktop application that allows you to remove the image background from a bulk amount of photos instantly. You can simply drag n drop 1000’s of files at once and watch as each image gets cut-out automatically. Use the settings to select the background colors you want and get the results in seconds.

Images are processed through the Slazzer API, which requires an internet connection and an active API key (to be found in your account settings).

Slazzer for Windows/Mac/Linux is free to download! To process images you need image credits, which can be used for all the Slazzer products. You can find the pricing for Slazzer credits here.

As a Slazzer user you get 2 free credits just for signing up!

Windows: Windows 7 and newer

Mac: macOS 10.10 and newer

Linux: Debian, Ubuntu, Red Hat, Fedora, SUSE

You can find the detailed installation instructions for your operating system here.

Slazzer is one of the leading background eraser apps. It not only removes background but allows you to edit pictures and add backgrounds of your choice.

You can erase background photos by using Slazzer - an AI-powered tool that uses advanced vision algorithms to remove background quickly and efficiently.

Slazzer is the best tool to change image background. You can change bg automatically in seconds.

Slazzer can be used to remove background from image 100% automatically. You can also edit images using Slazzer.

You can use Slazzer - the bulk background removal, to process multiple images at once.