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  • Jul 13, 2021

Introducing slazzer.com v2.0: The Best Background Remover you’ve ever used

Welcome to Slazzer 2.0 with increased precision on all our image cutouts!

We always strive to offer our users the best image background removal and today we take things to another level. Our algorithm has been updated with ultra heightened detail on all cutouts of People, Products, Cars, Animals, Graphics and Real Estate. While the quality of our results have always been exceptional, we are sure that the latest update is better than anything you’ve seen to date. Let’s take a look at some of the changes.

What Has Changed?

From edge color correction to hair handling, from complex scenes to diverse subjects, Slazzer 2.0 can handle it all and performs much better in a variety of settings. Our level of accuracy and speed has been taken up a notch hence the mighty name – Slazzer 2.0 – and we are very proud to offer you this increased performance. Let’s glance at some comparisons between Slazzer 1.0 And 2.0 to really understand the fine precision we achieved.

Slazzer’s edge color correction now removes illuminating background colors.

Delicate structures are better-taken care of than before.

detailed foreground photo comparison between slazzer 1.0 vs slazzer 2.0

Introducing significant improvements for complicated scenes with multiple foreground subjects.

multiple foreground photo comparison between slazzer 1.0 vs slazzer 2.0

How Do You Get Started?

Whether you are using Slazzer through a web browser, an integration, or API – you are automatically using the upgraded version that provides 2x better results! There’s absolutely no need to modify the settings or update any software; you are good to go!



We look forward to hearing your valuable feedback!

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