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Automatically Remove Background

Upload image and get a clear background instantly. The Slazzer AI is 100% Automatic.

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Replace Background Completely

Quickly replace a distracting background with a solid color background or choose any image of your choice.

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Unleash your creativity by adding a text, logo or upload background.

No More Manual Image Editing

Our AI takes care of all the hard work so you can design at scale!
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100% Automatic Bg Eraser Tool Online

Bid farewell to manual image editing. Now you can instantly erase bg of any image with Slazzer's 100% automatic photo background eraser tool using the most advanced Visual AI.

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What Can We Erase?

Slazzer can erase any background with fine precision and is your ideal bg eraser to erase any photo background and get rid of any cluttered or distracting backgrounds.

Erase bg that is noisy and crowded and replace the bg with a solid color background or upload any image of your choice and set it as a background!

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Time is money, and we help you save both!

With Slazzer you can upload image and erase bg within seconds. Image processing is quick and straightforward. No manual intervention needed!

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Reasons to use Slazzer

Slazzer is a great value added tool for -

  • Automatically upload an image to remove the background and change background
  • Editing images on the go
  • Making the images look consistent and uniform
  • Bulk processing 1000's of image backgrounds instantly
  • API integrations into your app or website
  • Designing at scale

Frequently asked questions

How do you use Photoshop tools step by step?

Open Photoshop and then click on File, then New.

A window will open with options that you can select. Choose the settings you want and then click ok. Now you can access all the basic tools in the tools panel overview such as selection, crop and slice, measuring, retouching, painting, drawing and type, navigation and 3d tools.

To remove an image background with high quality precision you can use https:/slazzer.com. Just upload an image to remove the background instantly.

Marketing teams always need photo editing to test multiple ads during a campaign launch. A change in background or layout is important to see which design resonates with audiences.

You can use the desktop version of https://slazzer.com to upload images in bulk and get the background removed from thousands of images at once.

To change an image background manually takes at least twenty minutes or you can use slazzer to photo background erase in seconds.

E-commerce websites usually need to pay for expensive photoshoots with greenscreens for all their product images but now they can use https://slazzer.com to upload image and get a clean white background in seconds.

It is recommended to use JPG for product images, web pages and blog posts, and PNG for images such as logos and other design elements. To create consistent product images with a uniform background, it is best to use a bg upload site like https://slazzer.com.

Yes, a JPG can have a transparent background. You can use a background of image remover like https://slazzer.com to remove the background in seconds.

There are many tools that can help with photo editing. One tool that is quick and easy to use is https://slazzer.com. You can make a background transparent in seconds and upload background to create a custom look.

Photoshop has a variety of plugins available to access new features not available in its software. All you have to do is Open Photoshop, select Edit from the dropdown menu, select Preferences and then Plugins. One of the best Photoshop plugins is named Slazzer which can remove an image background automatically with just one click saving time and money.

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