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Best Pictures for Advertising by Slazzer
Best Photoshop Tool for Advertising
Best Photoshop Tool for Advertising

Automatically remove backgrounds

Removing photo backgrounds has always been a tedious and time consuming process that only graphic designers could do. With Slazzer you can now detect the foreground from any image automatically in just 5 seconds or less.

Quality Photoshop for Product Advertising

Amazing quality

Slazzer tackles difficult edges like hair with ease, whether you're dealing with selfies, product shots, or professional portraits.

Photo Editing tool for Product Advertising

Boost the efficiency of your workflow

Doing tedious repetitive work is a waste of time. Instead, let your imagination go wild!

When it comes to removing backgrounds, just upload your images and we’ll do the rest. Because we're completely integrated with Photoshop, you can simply use the Slazzer AI in your workflow and change backgrounds with just one click.

Brand advertisement with Best images

The beauty of our integration into Photoshop

Many ads are still being created in Adobe’s suite of products and with Slazzer being integrated directly into Adobe Photoshop, the advertising process just got smoother. Stop wasting time with boring monotonous work, removing image backgrounds with precision is now done with just a click of a button.

Edit thousands of images in just a click

Edit thousands of images in just a click

It's as easy as dragging and dropping thousands of images onto Slazzer. You'll be amazed at the precise cut outs you get every time without lifting a finger. 100% automatically!

Now sit back and relax and get yourself a cup of tea or even a massage. Slazzer does all the work for you - stress free!

Trusted and loved by customers worldwide
  • 1M+ users over the world
  • 10M+ backgrounds removed every month
  • 100% GDPR complaint

Remove image background automatically

Upload image and get a clear transparent background

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