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Automatic background removal

Without having knowledge about Artificial Intelligence or Visual Computing technologies, you can now be an expert in image processing and remove image backgrounds automatically with the Slazzer API. It’s just a few lines of code and can easily be integrated in any app or website!


Countless future prospects

Removing image backgrounds automatically has opened up countless possibilities and opportunities for developers to carry out image processing activities all by themselves. The integrations are limitless in photo editing apps, websites, graphic design interfaces, e-commerce, photobooths, government, digital marketing feeds, online printing, social media etc…. The world is image based and possibilities are endless!

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Easy integration

The Slazzer application programming interface is based on HTTP with several options and it is quite easy to operate. You simply upload an image and in just a few seconds, get the same image without a background. Yes, it is that simple.


Cloud hosted: Expansive & Dependable

Don’t worry about the number of images. Whether you process 100 images in a month or 10,000 images in an hour, Slazzer lets you focus on developing apps without worrying about infrastructure or expansiveness.


Multiple API wrappers and libraries for different languages

Try our advanced community based API wrappers and libraries for all popular programming languages like Node.js, Python, PHP, Ruby and many more.

You can even try our HTTP library for general purposes as per your choice.

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Remove image Background Automatically

Upload an image and get a clear transparent background