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  • Oct 30, 2021

Launching slazzer design maker- a design tool for everyone

Slazzer announces today the launch of its design templates that anyone can use to create stunning visuals in seconds.

Nowadays everyone needs to quickly design ads or banners on a daily basis and Slazzer is already known to be a leader in background removal technology, but now with the introduction of Design Maker, we are taking the next steps to offer the quickest way to design online with absolutely no learning curve.

Anyone who’s tried to design even a simple banner knows the struggles and time needed to edit images. Even a slight edit requires a great deal of manual work and can drive you seriously mad. You also need to learn advanced and complicated software and pay for access to high-end studios for photo-shoots (sounds expensive, right!). After going through all these troubles, the work can still be tedious and boring when you have to retouch photos and errors in post production. While it may sound like every designer’s nightmare, the new Slazzer Design Maker is here to solve all this pain and simplify the entire design process from background removal to inserting an optimized backdrop in seconds.

What is Slazzer Design Maker?

Slazzer’s Design Maker is a next-generation online image editing platform that will turn any dull photo into a striking design with very little human involvement. With its extensive template library, anyone can now create a beautiful design instantly with no effort.

Our automatic designer can perform complex image enhancement by analyzing millions of pixels per second to give you the perfect image cutout and then position the subject with an ideal background. The Slazzer Design Maker saves you all the tedious steps and can quickly get you moving along to your next creative.

So How does Slazzer Design Maker work?

  1. Upload an image – any image with a clear foreground.
  2. Automatic background removal – Slazzer’s AI removes an image’s background 100% automatically.
  3. Edit the image by selecting an optimized design template from the Slazzer gallery.
  4. Save the photo directly on your computer by clicking on the download button.

What makes Slazzer AI unique?

Quick Design

If you have used slazzer.com in the past, you must be aware of its ability to process complex images in a matter of seconds. But now, with newly refined features, not only can Slazzer give you the most accurate image cutout, it also provides a wide range of stylish and professional templates to choose from with automatic positioning, shadows and logo insertion. Just select the template that fits your needs and we’ll give it that extra special touch 100% automatically.

Save Time & Money

We know how precious your time is, and we don’t want you to spend countless hours editing your photos. In this fast-paced world, Slazzer offers you a high degree of freedom to design in seconds, dramatically reducing production time, and enabling you to further cultivate your creativity.

What is Slazzer Design Maker offering you right now?

When we say that Slazzer’s Design Maker will revolutionize the image editing industry, we mean it. Here are all the features that it offers to generate high-quality designs in seconds.

Automatic Background removal – Having difficulties cutting out dull backgrounds from your images? Slazzer is here to help you remove the most complex backgrounds instantly like magic!

Product Photo Enhancer & Shadow Generation – Would you like to quickly enhance and optimize your product photos so that your website stands out from competitors? Use our product photo optimizer and insert shadows to give you the most beautiful images every time. The results will scream to be purchased!

Digging through Slazzer’s Design Templates

With so many templates offered by Slazzer, you can create extraordinary designs from the ground up. The thing we love most about Slazzer Design Maker is that anyone can use it. No design or tech skills needed! It’s not only handy but it can also be used by people in different industries, such as:

  • E-commerce
  • Automobile Industry
  • Product Photography
  • Real Estate
  • Fashion
  • Recipe Cards

We are constantly working to add more categories to the list, so if you have anything on your mind that you want us to add to our library, feel free to reach out to us https://www.slazzer.com/contact-us, we are always open to feedback!

Who can use Slazzer Design Maker?

Basically anyone online who wants to improve the digital experience for their audience with visual content. Our unique design features will drastically change the way all industries work and we mean it.

Slazzer for Ecommerce

In today’s E-world, website design, digital marketing and omnichannel selling demand constant product photography for daily consumption. Slazzer helps in doing just that by optimizing the design process for all e-retailers in seconds.

Slazzer for E-commerce

Slazzer For Automobile Industry

Car dealerships require pictures with the right amount of shadow and branded backgrounds to promote on their website and ads everyday. The Slazzer Design Maker opens up a world of possibilities for auto dealers to quickly advertise their inventory with confidence.


Slazzer for Real Estate

Having a blue sky in real estate photos can boost sales as it awakens a feeling of positivity that can influence the customer’s decision. But it’s not always destined that way, for all we know, the airspace can be cloudy or rainy.

Real Estate Image

With our new sky removal feature, you don’t have to worry anymore. Merely upload your property image and add that blue sky instantly. You’ll never have to wait for sunshine again to get that perfect shot!

Slazzer in Fashion Industry

Projects in the fashion industry are time-sensitive and can become hectic when shooting with models in different locations. Slazzer’s new Design Maker helps photographers remove unwanted backgrounds and will position your model automatically with an ideal magazine quality backdrop in just a few seconds.

Fashion Photo

Make your fashion photos shine in all your websites, social media, apps, or e-commerce marketplaces so you can scale your business with confidence!

Recipe Cards

Generate custom recipe cards that will sell your food faster! When you try our new online recipe card maker,  your food shots will reach a whole new level of scrumptious. Take a photo of any food and simply upload it to Slazzer and watch our design templates magically give it the wow factor with automatic plating options. Download it instantly or share it with your friends and social networks, everyone loves food photography!

Recipe cards

Final thoughts

As the image editing industry is constantly evolving, there is a growing need for tools that require less manual work. The Slazzer Design Maker is perfectly positioned for that. Our innovative and easy to use AI will play an increasingly important role in providing cutouts with the highest precision and offer you distinctive designs that will truly amaze you!

So what are you waiting for, go ahead and try out our new Slazzer Design Maker for Free! -> https://www.slazzer.com/design-maker

Read more about the official launch of Slazzer Design Maker here->

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