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  • Jul 02, 2021

Simplifying User Journey With Slazzer’s Help Section

Have you ever maneuvered a website and found it difficult to understand the scope of services? Or maybe the terms and conditions of a subscription were never clear enough. 

One of the major problems that users experience while checking out a website is hidden information. In fact, the most prominent names are the worst offenders in this respect. 

However, Slazzer is here to empower individuals and businesses to increase efficiency and boost workflow. We have left no stone unturned to provide premium-quality services to our users. And now, to ameliorate the user experience and customer journey, while offering you an obvious point of contact, we are coming up with a revised ‘help’ section. 

The aim is to answer all your questions in one place so that you are not perplexed at any point of the user journey. Our ‘help’ section will be similar to a central hub for curious site visitors like you, answering some of the most obvious questions along with the more complicated ones!

The Apparent Reasons to Include a Help Section

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Slazzer’s ‘help’ section will be a critical component for offering a premium customer experience to our users. Here are the top reasons to finally add it to our platform.

Increasing Understand-ability Using Colloquial Language

Our products are indeed made for the new digital world and the modern user. But, they are also available for complete beginners. 

We know that understanding industry jargon isn’t easy for each one of you. Not everyone is required to have domain space knowledge, anyway. Therefore, our ‘help’ section is written by humans, for humans. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced user, we have incorporated casual language that is readable and easy to understand for everyone.

Answering the Most Obvious and Complicated Questions

We understand that web-based services using artificial intelligence can be challenging to understand at once. 

For this reason, Slazzer aims to provide passive support to you by answering all your questions in one place.

Inclusions of Slazzer’s Help Section

What is Slazzer? How does it work? And can you use it for free? We know that our potential users are full of questions. The good news is that we have made things easier for you by revising our ‘help’ section. Let’s take a sneak peek at what our ‘help’ section can help you with!


Before using any website and availing its services, you would obviously want to acquaint yourself with the general information. This subsection will let you know what Slazzer is, how it works, which web browsers it supports, and everything in between. 

This section will also talk about the type of images Slazzer supports and the recommendations for selecting images. 

The recommendations will talk about the alignment, contrast, monotone background, and sharp foreground of the images. For instance, 

  • Every image must have a proper orientation 
  • Images should be clicked under ideal lighting conditions with a clear distinction between background and foreground
  • Single color or blur backgrounds are comparatively easier to remove than overly detailed and sharp backgrounds
  • Slazzer’s AI easily removes fuzzy or blurry foregrounds. If only the contour or edges are blurry, they will still be blurry in the resulting cutout. 

Plus, you can upload any image in the JPG, JPEG, or PNG format with a file size of up to 12 megabytes. Slazzer can help you with pictures of people, products, other objects, animals, and cars. 

The ‘help’ section provides specific recommendations for each type of photo. It will also inform you about the maximum file size and maximum image resolution. To maintain complete transparency with our users, the section also informs why Slazzer does not work for some photos. 

Lastly, the subsection will also tell you about how to use Slazzer for commercial purposes.


The next category that our help section focuses on is the Slazzer API. Our API can be integrated into various technological environments. Besides, it is easy to use and does not require setting up or maintaining any infrastructure. 

The Slazzer REST API supports Java, Php, Kotlin, .NET, Python, Swift, and Node. In addition, it allows creating a transparent background, changing background colors, and even inserting a custom image. 

Find everything related to Slazzer API under this section.

Subscriptions & Plans

Subscriptions are a great way of saving money. And if you aren’t very fond of subscriptions, Slazzer offers a pay-as-you-go option with Topup plans. 

This section will explain everything about the subscription plans, Slazzer credits, and the Guarantee program for customers with subscription plans. 

The benefits of Slazzer subscription include – 

  • Full-HD resolution images with support up to 25 megapixels
  • Access to Slazzer REST API
  • Allowance for commercial use
  • Rollover credits 6x your monthly credit budget 

Whether you have unused Slazzer credits or haven’t spent all your credits, our ‘help’ section will educate you about what to do next. For instance, when you haven’t spent all your credits, Slazzer allows you to roll over 6x your monthly credit budget. This will help you with holiday planning and seasonal changes in the business. 

When you are out of credits, Slazzer never charges any penalties or any kind of overage fees. Moreover, from changing plans to canceling subscriptions, find everything easily in our ‘help’ section.

Slazzer For Windows/Mac/Linux

This segment will inform you about how to install Slazzer for Windows/Mac/Linux. You’ll find easy-to-follow instructions to simplify the entire process. It will also notify you about how to get a PSD output file.

Slazzer For Adobe Photoshop

Slazzer offers a Photoshop extension so that you can work directly in Adobe Photoshop without leaving your workflow. This subsection will explain how Slazzer Photoshop extension works, how to install, how to use it, and the pricing. 

It will also talk about the troubleshooting issues and how to uninstall Slazzer for Photoshop. And if you’re curious about removing the API key and how Slazzer is different from Photoshop’s background removal, you’ll find those answers in the ‘help’ section as well. 

We hope that the revision of our help section simplifies things for you, answers all your queries, and saves you from confusion.

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