Slazzer- WordPress Plugin is a Life Saver


When you build an online store or e-commerce business, the main priority is the look of the
product because the more fascinating product equals more sales. To enhance the product
image shop owners hire professional editors to make the image look eye-catching. Have you
ever thought about how much time it takes to edit an image?

Editing pictures is a time-consuming process that needs attention and perfection. If you are
an editor or if you will ask an editor, then you will know how editing flawless pictures and
removing backgrounds is a tiring and tedious process especially when you have thousands
of pictures in your bag to edit.


Most of the individual WordPress and Woo-commerce shop owners struggle to edit product
images and end up losing significant time. They spend an enormous amount of time editing
product images, resulting in delays in posting new products, and big losses to their bottom

Slazzer- The Saviour of Time and Quality

save-your-time-and-money with slazzer

Well, if you are planning to start an online business you surely don’t want to waste your time
hiring an editor who might take roughly 20 minutes to edit a picture and upload it on your
site. When you have hundreds of product photos to post, practically a competent
entrepreneur would not waste their time in finding an editor who edits 3 pictures in an hour. I
mean seriously 3 photos in an hour? Ugh highly time-consuming.

If you want to adapt to the fast-moving world, then Slazzer is the answer to all your prayers.
Slazzer WordPress Plugin is fused with an AI system that effortlessly and quickly removes
the background from any kind of image while keeping the central object flawlessly detailed
with its image quality intact. Slazzer WordPress Plugin can be your friend for removing
backgrounds from highly complicated and technical images without any cut-out
malfunctioning. You just need to snap a picture of your product and upload it to the plugin
and change the background as per your needs. It is barely a 5 second process, for your
own sake do not make it a 20 minute long process by using traditional expensive tools to


The Slazzer WordPress Plugin is developed by Netflairs Technology Pvt Ltd after analyzing
various aspects and months of dedication. The developer Mr. Deep Sircar wanted to create
a handy and highly effective tool that will help independent online business owners to edit
their product images like other professional online stores (i.e. Amazon and Walmart).
Slazzer is perfectly designed for removing backgrounds with the highest accuracy which
helps in saving exquisite time. Thus the hard work of its creators paid off, as they
successfully developed and enhanced the AI-based background remover and launched it on
the 25th of September 2020.

Slazzer WordPress Plugin is a consumer-oriented tool, as the Hassle-free usage and the
accuracy of results are what make Slazzer a fantastic tool that is a favorite among editors.
You can operate Slazzer from any device using Windows, Mac, Android, and Linux
operating systems.

How to Operate Slazzer Image Background Remover?

Let’s quickly know about the proceedings of Slazzer and how you can edit your desirable
photo with a custom background. Here I have mentioned a few quick steps to edit your
picture into the perfect image in seconds.

  • The foremost step is to install the Slazzer WordPress Plugin and allow the
    permissions to access device photographs.
  • Choose the picture from which you want to remove the background, then proceed.
  • Within a few seconds, your image is ready without any background.
  • You can edit your image by clicking on the “Edit” option and can add any
    personalized background or you can leave your image with a white background in
    case you want professional product images to have a look like Amazon’s products.
  • Select the “Download” option and select the quality to download the image.


In less than 5 seconds you got your high-quality, ultra-fine, and accurate image without
spending 20 minutes on your computer and struggling with every detail. Do not stress out
your eyes and mind by spending a long time in editing, without a second thought quickly
download the Slazzer WordPress Plugin Now!

Intriguing Features of Slazzer App

Slazzer WordPress Plugin can be a game-changer in the editing process, within seconds
you can remove background from several photographs. More edited pictures within a limited
time equals more uploading of photographs which results in more generation of sales. Now
business owners can sit relax and concentrate more on sales because removing
backgrounds from images is in Slazzer’s hand. It’s a win-win situation.


Let’s focus on the fascinating features of the Slazzer WordPress Plugin:

  • Slazzer is consolidated with the Artificial Intelligence system to give the image a
    more detailed and subtle outlook. It precisely scans the central image and prudently
    examines the typical layers of the image, then accurately removes the background
    from the image leaving no sign of blunder.
  • You can add a customized background, as per your preference, and can give a new
    outlook to your picture. If you want a product picture of a car, then simply click the
    picture and edit it with any street or villa background to give it a rich look which will
    ultimately enhance the product image quality.
  • Edit your image background and download it in HD quality. When you will upload the
    images after editing on a website, the quality of the image will remain intact. You can
    also upload bulk images to edit.
  • You can also restore the image to its original look, in case if you want a different
  • You can even customize the color background with the help of the color grid or you
    can keep it white as the white color will primarily keep the focus on the product.

Concluding Thoughts

Slazzer WordPress Plugin is a highly conducive tool for every e-commerce business owner.
This app not only saves time but also makes your work look like a piece of cake. We don’t
want you to spend your expensive time struggling with the editing of product images instead
of expanding your business profits. Go for a productive and efficient option and download
the Slazzer WordPress Plugin today, it’s totally free!

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