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  • Nov 26, 2021

10 rules to follow for your google shopping images

What do you do when you have a million-dollar idea for your new Google shopping store?

You scramble to your computer, edit your merchant center account, build ad groups, and you put all your ideas down with a sigh of relief.

Regardless of all your efforts, you still find yourself asking, “Where’s the traffic? Where’s the engagement?”

We feel you!

Today, visuals are engaging, interesting, and valuable for consumers.  More than 53% of online shoppers say images affect their buying decision.

Google shopping images are one such important element that can make or break the stance of your ad campaigns. You can receive instant information about every product.

So, let’s talk about Google shopping and how images impact your marketing strategies?

What is Google Shopping?

Forbes states that the number of online shoppers in the US is expected to grow by over 230 million by 2021. When we talk about online shopping we directly think of Google shopping.

Since stats suggest that one in five shoppers starts their product search on Google, this means that people are already taking advantage of Google shopping.

Google shopping is a service from Google that allows users to search for products online and gives them the freedom to compare prices. Google Shopping is the umbrella term that includes different tools and programs to increase conversions and organic search listings.

Google Shopping

Advantages of Selling Through Google Shopping

As per marketing charts, Google Shopping has 30% higher conversion rates than text ads.

Customers are getting smarter, they want to compare and buy products without any fuss, right away. And Google Shopping tends to bring in more qualified clicks. 

It’s time to discuss a few advantages of selling through Google shopping:

  • You can easily avail good customer satisfaction with the ease-of-payment, on-time shipping and ensure perfect harmony among buyers and sellers.
  • No worry about shopping seller fees. You can pay on a commission basis where it can vary depending on the type of product you sell.
  • It brings more qualified leads when you use a white background image.

10 Rules to Follow For Google Shopping Images

Use High-Resolution Images

On average, an image of at least 800*800 pixels is recommended to frame a Google product image. Yes, an image does need to be of high quality and optimized to make an impression.  For example, in the case of non-apparel images, their size should be at least 100*100 pixels. For apparel images, it can be at least 250 *250 pixels.

Always check your image’s resolution and remove background free with a tool like Slazzer before submitting anything to the product feed.

Marketing Images

Google prefers images that give depth and context to a description or story and provide a better view in customers’ eyes.

The requirements are the same for the Google shopping ads and images. Google shopping image requirements for size specify a minimum of 100 pixels x 100 pixels with proper white background.

Disordered Images

You need to spruce up your marketing images from time to time. Keep your images clean and in order. From your website to your social media handles, confusing images can make things difficult for your customers. It is always preferred to use white background images and replace the background for better navigation. And, Slazzer is the best tool that helps you achieve it. 


Image crawlers are specifically designed to fetch images directly from the website.  Your Google shopping images must be crawled fully before any product can be approved. Now, this process can take some time to finish.


Choosing the right image format matters. As mentioned earlier, large file sizes can slow your website since it takes a generous amount of space and slows down all your processes.

the Right image format

Google accepts several different image formats like JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, and non-animated GIFs. You can choose the format as per your file sizes/spaces.

Image Content

Google image content must represent the product in the most accurate way possible.

According to Google, the images should always show the product in full and don’t have additional objects in the background.

White Backgrounds are the Key

Use white background images and replace the background over digital composite backgrounds. Using a white background is the best thing to upgrade your Google shopping images. 

Plain white background images can quickly attract the curious eyes of every potential buyer. It keeps them centered on your product because of its non-distracting background. Professional-quality white background images evoke positive responses from potential buyers.

Image URL

Make sure your image link attribute includes one value. Replace all those symbols and spaces with encoded entities.

For example, quotation marks can be replaced by %22, and the # has to change into %23. Also, the critical part is that your image URLs should be working.

Promotional Overlays

Watermarks, brand names, and discount codes – save them all for your website content. Using any type of promotional element in your image can harm your brand’s image. Try to avoid promotional overlays on your Google images.

Use Additional Images

Using additional images with a white background hints to Google that your product is more descriptive and reliable. Google allows you to upload up to 10 additional photos for each of your unique listings. So make full use of it.


As per smartinsights.com, shopping ads create 85% of all clicks on Google Ads or Google Shopping campaigns.

It almost sounds like a digital mall where physical products are marketed based on how they appear.

In the end, a good business wants to boost its sales, a new startup wants to start getting traction, and a new website wants some valuable visitors. Before starting your next google campaign, remove background from images for free and make sure your photos look sharp, strong, and convincing for a buyer.

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