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  • Sep 14, 2021

Autumn photoshoot ideas with editing tips

Fall Photography

The most beautiful season of fall is just around the corner, which makes this the ideal time for some autumn photography ideas and editing tips. 

Fall is about pumpkin desserts, russet-colored beauty, and the temperature going colder, but it is also about the pleasing ambiance and vibrant landscapes. Who wouldn’t want to capture such surreal beauty in the camera lens?

Below are some fall picture ideas followed by few editing tips. Read on! 

Landscape photography 

As unbelievable as it may sound, the lush greenery transforms into explosions of red, yellow, and orange in autumn. This new variety of hues and tints adds to the beauty of landscape photography. 

Capture the leaves

Fall autumn photography is incomplete without capturing the colorful and vibrant leaves. However, rather than just clicking the leaves, you can capture your feet in the sea of autumn leaves. 

Everything pumpkin

Pumpkins are the precursors of fall. Whether you are in a grocery store or visiting a pumpkin patch, there will be plenty of chances to incorporate these into autumn photography.  

Editing tips

Use the camera settings right

camera settings manual

Autumn is the right time to use your camera setting to get high-quality pictures. Use the wide aperture to create that dreamy bokeh effect. It can be used to blur the leaves and focus on the primary subject. 

You can also experiment with a narrow aperture for autumn photo effects.

Photograph the iconic elements of autumn

Fall autumn pictures by Slazzer

Autumn is known for its orange and yellow leaves, breathtaking landscapes, and pumpkins. When looking for fall picture ideas, prioritize these iconic elements of autumn and take your autumn photoshoot to the next level. 

Find the most popular elements of autumn and make the fall season memorable by clicking some unique pictures.

Capture the essence of autumn

Autumn is a beautiful time of the year, and photographers need to capture its essence. You can do so by taking advantage of the warm and mellow gleaming of early morning or late afternoon. 

Forget indoor shoots for a while and get down to highways and parks with many trees and leaves. In addition, take pictures alongside water bodies where you can find surrounding nature reflected in the water surface.

Choose the best colors

Autumn is all about the beautiful and mesmerizing shades of red, orange, and yellow. To take full advantage of the autumn season, shoot outdoors when the leaves are in full color before falling from the trees. 

You’ll have a gorgeous background containing different tints and hues of red. Besides, consider combining fairy lights with autumn colors to make your pictures look aesthetically pleasing.

Fall photoshoot props

Guide for fall picture ideas

Do you have some autumn photography props ideas in mind? If not, you’ll miss out on an integral part of autumn photo effects

Firstly, you can use pumpkins as a prop in your autumn pictures. Don’t have a pumpkin? Dress up your little one as a cute little pumpkin! You can also use leaves as a prop and take bokeh shots. Lastly, use fall apples as vibrant props and get clicked among them.


Autumn brings with it a handful of opportunities to bring out your creativity and try some autumn creative ideas. It’s a great time to indulge in fall autumn photography and capture nature’s beauty at its best. 

Get outdoors, experiment with your camera settings, use autumn props and polish your images with an autumn photo editor. We hope this helps in getting the best autumn shots!

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