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  • Sep 03, 2021

Can LED lights be used for product photography?

If a picture is worth a thousand words, good product photography is worth a thousand website visits and conversion of leads. Needless to say, backlit product photography is highly valuable to eCommerce strategy. 

Online shopping is dependent on good product photography. To win consumer trust, you need to provide clear and attractive photos of your products. 

When we speak of product photography, product lighting is a crucial element that impacts the quality of photos. But why is product photography important? Can LED lights be used for product photography?

Let’s find out!

Lighting terminology and basics

Lighting effects for photography

Studio lighting is an integral part of most photographer’s arsenal. It helps create a natural lighting effect and is more controllable than a flashgun. 

This type of lighting consists of backlights, key lights, and fill lights. The key light is the primary source of light and is typically off-axis from the camera. It is pointed directly at the subject. 

The fill light is the secondary source of light and is placed at the opposite side of the camera from the key light. On the other hand, the backlight is placed behind the subject to define it from the background. 

A photographer can indulge in backlit product photography to draw texture or light on the background to make the subject stand out. However, if the background isn’t essential to the picture, the photographer can use a smooth background remover to get rid of the background.

LED lights for product photography

Many photographers use LED lights to enhance product lighting. This is because LED lights produce little heat and are energy efficient. They contain several ‘light-emitting diodes’ and usually last a long time.

Background for product photography

Product photoshoot using LED lights

The first impression is truly the last impression. It can impact growth, sales, and profitability. For this reason, you need high-quality images with the most appealing background to attract customer attention. In fact, an ideal background is a must for product photography. 

In product photography, photographers usually cut out the object to place it in front of a white background. A clear background not only eliminates the risk of diverted attention but also makes the pictures look clean. 

Saying that, not all product pictures would look good with a white background. Some may require textured and creative backdrops to sell the product.


Product photography can have a significant impact on the purchase decision. It can help win consumer trust, consequently leading to more sales. 

For premium-quality pictures, you must have a product photography lighting setup consisting of a backlight, key light, and fill light. Besides, you can use LED lights to make your product images look more appealing and enhance their quality. 

Lastly, use a custom background remover to divert all the attention to the primary object. 

Let us know your experience with product photography!

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