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  • Aug 14, 2021

How To Optimize Your Car Photos For Ads?

Looking to sell your car online? An automobile is one of the highest value items one can purchase in a lifetime. As a result, selling a vehicle largely depends on good and premium quality pictures.

Images not only work as a great marketing tool but also create an excellent impression of the product. In fact, ads with illustrations receive 67% more requests as compared to the ones without any visuals. 

But how do you create the best visuals for automotive photography? We advise our readers to erase background, choose the right location, and use an editing expert. 

Editing expert

Erase image background with slazzer

Photographs are expected to deliver perfection. As a result, you will need to make certain modifications to the images. 

If you use an image that appears too dark or too bright, potential buyers may lose interest in purchasing. Use a photo editor that can help make necessary adjustments as well as make the background white.

Right location

Make background plain with our best tools by slazzer

Needless to say, a backdrop is one of the most significant aspects of photography. It enhances the appearance of the primary subject. We suggest you use a wide and clean road for car photography. 

Pro Tip – Simply make the background transparent if you can’t find the fitting backdrop for your car! 

You can use online tools like Slazzer that help remove image background in seconds.

Click pictures after sunrise or just before the sunset

Optimize images with perfect background

Now that you’ve come to learn photography techniques with Slazzer, let us tell you that the best time to click pictures is right after sunrise or just before sunset. This is because your photos will have a beautiful golden color after sunrise. 

Before sunset, the sun is low in the sky, creating unique photography opportunities.


Perfect image background by slazzer's tools

Black and white photography is evergreen. However, appealing colors can drive more buyers. Until and unless color disturbs the overall look of the image, never go for black and white photography for ads. 

Color helps add another layer of visual interest. Besides, it makes the visuals more catchy and attractive.

The right background

Background can make the image look very appealing or very poor. Firstly, the backdrop should not be too distracting, taking away the attention from the primary subject. You can simply erase background if it does not go well with the car photo. Use a background removal tool and change background in bulk for ads.

Moreover, the background should complement the car. For instance, do not click pictures of a Ferrari in front of a fish market or a park.

Summing it Up!

Selling a car can be an overwhelming task. However, with good-quality images, you can make some bucks out of it easily and quickly. 

Apart from the above-mentioned things, make sure to treat your car like a model before clicking pictures of the same. Clean the interior and exterior, remove any useless stuff from the car and get rid of dust from compact areas. 

We hope this car photoshoot guidance by Slazzer helps the readers!

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