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  • Sep 15, 2021

How to optimize your ecommerce product images for more sales?

Product images are the key to eCommerce sales. But have you ever wondered why your product images aren’t able to create conversions? 

Often, brands spend days and even weeks overthinking a logo, and when it comes to launching finally, there’s little time for improving product imagery. Although images work as a catalyst in the digital era, we often ignore them. 

If you think that it’s only the website’s layout and checkout page that can increase sales, you’re wrong, as most users don’t even reach that stage. The key to growing sales is using the best eCommerce image practices

Here are a few ways to optimize your product images for more sales!

Best Angle

Ecommerce images best practices

While clicking pictures of products, it’s important to show them from the best angle. Think of a product that can be used in multiple ways. For products like these, you can’t limit the product page to a single image. 

Use two-three pictures, clicking each one from the best angle that covers the whole product. For example, show clothes from front and back and also provide a zoomed-in view. This will give users a chance to see how the product will actually look.

Embed a Video

E commerce images | Slazzer.com

Another great way to increase sales through visual content is by embedding a video. Most eCommerce stores prefer using videos along with images to catch user attention and provide as many details as possible.

Videos do an amazing job in displaying the usage of a product. Make sure to incorporate videos on the product page to win user trust and provide product details.

Page Layout

Online products images

The layout of the product page is crucial. It doesn’t include only images but also takes into consideration other elements of the page. Make sure everything, ranging from pictures, product description, pricing, and availability, are on point. 

Most people are not aware of the right image size for an eCommerce website. It is crucial to adhere to the minimum height and width requirement for images. 

Use a clean and crisp layout which makes it easy for the users to see product images, textual information, cart button, etc.

Highlight Important Details

It’s undeniable that every product has certain important features for potential buyers and impact purchase decisions. For example, when selling handbags, it’s essential to show the interior images as it contains pockets, cardholders, etc. that the buyers may want to see. 

Besides, it’s important to be honest with the customers. Don’t upload pictures of mustard heels when they are yellow in real. Inaccurate display of products can lead to disappointed buyers, poor reviews, and returns. 

You can also click 360- degree pictures that offer a clear understanding of the product. To make pictures crisper, you can always use an online picture editor.


Images are not just visual representations that add character to the website and make it look attractive. Product images are the key to increasing sales by winning user trust. 

To optimize your product images, you must 

  • Choose the best angle 
  • Use videos along with images 
  • Focus on the overall layout 
  • Highlight important details 

By following these easy steps, you can improve the look and feel of your product page. You may also need the best free photo editor online to refine your images. 

Let us know how these tips worked for your e-commerce store!

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