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  • Mar 03, 2021


Digital Shopping on the Rise

In a post COVID world, the acceleration towards a convenient and fast shopping experience is increasing everyday with some reports from Shopify stipulating that an estimated 150 million people in the U.S. alone made a purchase online for the first time during the pandemic. According to Statista, almost 3 out of 4 shoppers are online buyers and the Ecommerce industry is set to accelerate at a pace never seen before. The number of online shoppers hit over 2 billion in 2020 and the future looks like a continuous spike in this trend.

It’s a Pain to Have Photo Shoots and Edit

In the new Ecommerce world, whether you’re a big retailer like Walmart or an independent shop owner selling with Shopify, where do you get the time to edit all your product photography? The costs and time of setting up photoshoots with green screens and using expensive editing software to manually remove image backgrounds is not only tedious, it’s just not good business. Editing three photos in an hour with employee schedules and expensive cameras and equipment, you will certainly never be able to compete in the new digital environment. With Slazzer launching its automatic background removal software in 2020, there is no going back to manually doing this.

It’s All About the Product

good photography pictures background with Slazzer

We have all come across websites where the images are terrible and distracting. They don’t demonstrate the product properly and don’t make us want to buy the product at all. Are you addicted to shopping on Amazon? Have you ever thought why? Is it the clean, crisp product photography with white backgrounds?

Having products glow on your website ready to be converted into a sale is what all shop owners want. Whether it be with a nice crisp white background to increase the focus on the product or some funky colors for your newsletter product launches, the ability to change backgrounds in HD in any location is where Slazzer comes in. Taking a picture on your phone and uploading it to your site in seconds is incredibly productive and there’s no going back to spending useless hours doing this. Snap a shot from any location, your apartment, your warehouse, or even on the street, is no issue when you have Slazzer to remove the background in seconds without a single click. Product photography is the #1 priority of any online shop owner and getting this done with ease is a major boost to productivity and running a tight ship. Saving time and money is a given, but the ability to remain sane is also extremely valuable as owners need to edit thousands if not millions of product images every season.

Slazzer is a painkiller and a vitamin and moves the needle ahead in product photography 1000% percent and gives owners the ability to adapt to their customers by giving them the shopping experience they deserve. Fast, convenient, and efficient. Cropping product images on the fly automatically is where Slazzer excels whether it be with its API integrations or with its desktop software and plugins, Slazzer is everywhere you need it to be so your product photography wows customers with professionalism. The low costs and easy usability makes Slazzer accessible to anyone over 5 years old. It’s that simple.

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