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  • Sep 14, 2021

How to select the right background for your pictures?

One of the most critical elements of effective photography is a good background. The right photography background can emphasize your primary subject and give you a chance to experiment with style and tone. 

Besides, backgrounds are responsible for setting the mood for the composition. While an incorrect background selection can ruin the entire picture, the right background will make the picture more impactful. 

When it comes to choosing the right background, the possibilities are endless. Here are the top 5 background ideas for pictures.

Retro or modern look

background ideas for pictures

Retro and modern backgrounds can be created in the comfort of your home. You can use some old newspapers to create a retro and vintage look. Place the object at the best angle, and you’ll get the most splendid shots. 

For a modern look, you can click pictures at the most contemporary corner of your house, be it your windows or a textured wall. 

You can also remove background HD quality using Slazzer and replace it with the modern backgrounds available online. 

White photo background

background selection

Most people prefer a plain white background as it promotes consistency, especially for product images. Clear background makes the photos look professional and heightens customer trust while shopping. 

Secondly, a white background helps show the true colors of the primary subject without shifting focus. White also has a simplistic vibe that looks sophisticated. 

Most importantly, white background makes it easy to save images in minimum size. Also, smaller file size increases the loading speed of a website.

Canvas background

best background art

Experimenting is the key to creating unique pictures. You can use a physical canvas background for your photography background, an unbleached cloth made from hemp. 

This textured fabric adds depth and dimension to your pictures. However, make sure that the canvas complements the primary subject.

Digital background

When looking for a good background for pictures, you can always use a digital background to add interest to your images. These backgrounds also help to change the overall mood and tone of the picture. 

But what are the advantages of using a digital background? Firstly, digital backgrounds are inexpensive and fast to create. Besides, you get endless options to experiment with. 

Slazzer is a high-quality photo background remover that helps remove the background in a flash. You can remove the existing background and add a new one in a few clicks!

Shadows & shades

portrait painting background ideas

Photographers prefer using shadows to divert attention to a specific point in the picture. Shadows help reveal or hide features that are better unseen. 

Good shadows in the background can enhance the image without detracting the object in focus. On the other hand, shades in photography helps create attractive and memorable pictures.


Backgrounds are as important as the primary subject in the picture. Make sure they are impactful, don’t divert attention from the object in focus, and complement the overall mood. 

We hope these photoshoot background ideas enhance your images while making them look sophisticated and consistent.

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