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  • Aug 13, 2021

Tips To Improve Image Background

Do you love clicking a lot of pictures? And does the image background distract your audience from the main subject? If yes, this article is for you!

It is a common mistake for beginner photographers to solely focus on the main subject, completely forgetting the significance of the image background. When taking pictures or editing them, it’s essential to focus on what’s behind the primary subject. Needless to say, a better background drastically improves the quality of the image.

Whether you should remove the white background or add contrast, this guide will explain it all. Without further ado, let’s read on!

Tips to improve image background

Since the background is such a vital part of the image, here are the tips to refine it.

Allow the subject some distance

blur the background of picture with Slazzer

The primary thing to focus on is allowing your subject some distance. Make sure to avoid placing the subject too close to the background.

In case the subject is placed too close to the background, you won’t have much focus, and the subject will fail to stand out.

By allowing some distance between the subject and the background, you can focus on the primary subject while the background can be blurred.

However, it’s not mandatory to always blur the background. Sometimes, you can remove the background and add something that complements the subject in focus.

Choose the right location

stunning background by Slazzer's background removal tools

If you can, choose a location with a stunning background – one that will make it easier to focus on the primary subject.

The ideal background entirely depends on the subject, but as a general guide, go for the one that looks uniform. Iron roller doors, brick walls, or even a plain white background would solve the purpose.

Ultimately, what you shouldn’t look for is a background with too many elements that shift the focus from the subject.

If you can’t find a clean background, search online for some background removal tools and remove the image background easily.

Use the camera wisely

techniques for photographers to remove backgrounds

There will be times when you’ll not be able to find the right background, no matter how much you try. What now?

Here you need to use the camera wisely and try out some simple tricks.

The first thing to try is aperture. You can simply open the aperture up and give your background a nice bokeh effect. Even when you have a complementing background, adding a bokeh effect can help divert attention to the primary subject.

But what when you can’t open the aperture any further? The next strategy will be to play with the shutter speed and use the panning technique. This can be of great help in rendering a cluttered background to a nice blurry one. The technique also adds a sense of movement.

If you aren’t aware, panning involves using a slower shutter speed while capturing a moving subject. Slow shutter speed, along with panning, will give a nice blur to the background, keeping the subject sharp.

Add contrast

remove easy background with Slazzer

One of the favorite techniques of most photographers is to use backgrounds that are darker or lighter than the subject. Because of the difference in lighting, you can easily isolate the subject.

You can also remove white backgrounds or dark ones using a background removal tool.

Choose a plain background

Create Professional Images with Simple Backgrounds

Sometimes, less is more!

You can easily spot an amateur writer with long and complicated sentences. A newbie social media marketer who posts five times a day on every platform is easy to recognize.

Similarly, a designer or editor who tries to do too much with the image background won’t always help you get the desired results.

Choosing a plain white or transparent background is the best option in some cases. A single subject against a clear background will help it stand out better and make the image appear stronger.

Even though it might be tempting to add elements to the background, it’s best to go for a conservative approach. So let’s take a look at why using clear backgrounds is important!

Looks professional

When creating content for a brand, you want to represent it in the best possible manner, whether you are a giant corporation or a small solopreneur. This means that everything should look highly professional. 

Messy and cluttered backgrounds do the opposite. They look disorganized and make the content look unprofessional. 

Visuals play an essential role in building brand image. To avoid losing potential customers, get your images done right by using a clear background.  

Makes it easier to focus 

Have you come across an image that is capable of giving you a migraine? That’s truly the last thing you want to look at! 

The whole point of visual content is to allow users to absorb it quickly without putting in much effort. Graphic design might be about creativity, but sometimes users just want simplicity. 

Clear or white background can bring focus to the image’s subject, allowing to showcase what users exactly want to see. 

Provides better view on small devices

Do you know that more than 50% of online traffic comes from mobile devices? Similar is the case for social networking sites such as Instagram and Twitter, with most users operating the platforms from smartphones instead of the web. 

This means that the images should be prepared, keeping in mind both mobile and web interface. 

Easy-to-see images won’t be complex to make out on smaller devices. And that surely means using a simple and clear background.

How to create images with simple backgrounds?

Create Images with Simple Backgrounds

No, you don’t have to be a Photoshop genius to remove the white background. There are a lot of tools that can do the job in seconds.

With Slazzer, you can simply start by uploading an image and getting the background removed in a flash. Besides, there are numerous background options available that can be set after removing the white background. Thus, it’s a one-stop destination for enhancing images and improving image backgrounds.

Final thoughts

The image background is as important as the foreground. Whether you are creating a social media post or product images, visuals should be compelling enough for the user to act upon them. 

One way to do this is to improve the image background along with the image itself. To do so, you can –

  • Put some distance between the subject and the background
  • Choose the right location 
  • Use contrast 
  • Experiment with camera 
  • Select a clear background 

A simple image background without many elements is the best way to catch user attention and take the content to the next level. 

Next time, before you remove the white background to replace it with something exciting, ask yourself – “does it look better this way?”

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