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  • Aug 30, 2021

What is the meaning of commercial photography?

If you are serious about making a career in photography, you’ve most probably spent some time building an amazing portfolio. One of the best parts of starting a career as a photographer is that you can have a wide variety of fields to choose from. 

While nature-loving people can get into nature photography, people enjoying the crowd can turn into wedding photographers. One of such well-compensated fields is commercial photography

Read on to know the commercial photography definition and its different types! 

What does commercial photography mean?

If you still don’t know a thing about commercial photography, you are not alone! The term ‘commercial photography’ covers various types of photography. Precisely, commercial photography is the type of photography used to sell or promote products and services. It is also used to support an organization in making money. 

Commercial photography can often refer to lifestyle photography, product photography, and even fashion photography. It can also include food photography, architectural photography, and others depending upon the client’s needs. 

Commercial photography tips

Commercial photography is a matter of sales, which is why it becomes even more important to do it right! Let’s educate you about the right way to click the most aesthetic pictures

Angles matter

Commercial photography tips by Slazzer

Have you ever seen an object being clicked head-on in commercial photography? Maybe not because that’s rare. Different angles add drama and make ordinary, everyday products more interesting. 

Set the mood

Editing tips for commercial photography

When indulging in product photography, setting the right mood can have a significant impact on the success of the picture. While an attractive background may look best for some products, you may need to change the image background to transparent for others. Go for what complements the product.


Slazzer's editing tips for photography

No matter how splendid your shots were, you can always improvise them with editing. It can help make image background transparent or change image background to transparent and set the right saturation and contrast. You can use an editing tool, like Slazzer, that is the perfect photo background changer and editor.

Different types of commercial photography

As said earlier, commercial photography is a vast field and includes lifestyle photography, product photography, photos for social media pages of different websites, real estate photography, architectural photography, and portrait photography. 

Precisely, no matter where your interest lies, you’ll find a niche to work in!

Portrait photography

Portrait paintings were first practiced by Picasso and assisted in storytelling. Clicking great portraits is the contemporary form of the same technique. Although it requires less effort than painting, capturing the essence is challenging. 

Portrait photography is defined as capturing the inherent character of the subject within an image. Good portrait photography is a blend of good technique with the artist’s expression. 

The key to good portrait photography is to focus on the subject. Discuss the needs and expectations with the client to give your best as a commercial portrait photographer. 

Other things to focus on are the right location and the right camera lens. These can have a significant effect on the quality of still life photography

We hope this helps you in better understanding the concept of commercial photography. 

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