Get white background in just a few seconds with Get a white colour bg in an instant with Slazzer can create any bg into white bg plain

Remove Image Background Automatically and Free is assisting you with most effective Background Removal tool Remove bg services by Make Background Transparent with our best services |
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Slazzer’s intuitive-AI converts any image you upload into a transparent background and gives you stunning design recommendations in seconds! 100% automatically! See more samples

How does Slazzer work?

  • Upload Image

    Upload any image with a clear foreground

  • Slazzer- Get a transparent background image
    100% Automatic Result

    Automatically get a transparent image background

  • Slazzer- Download & edit
    Download & Edit

    Download instantly or continue to design with our AI

Slazzer is proving you new Background Removal Technology

The most accurate image background remover

Slazzer is proving you new Background Removal Technology

Never remove an image background manually ever again!

Use Slazzer to create a transparent background with the finest precision in just a few seconds. No manual intervention needed!

Now you can sit back and relax as our AI background eraser gives you the most accurate image cutouts every time, 100% automatically!

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Remove background images in bulk with slazzer

Bulk Image Editor Tool For Windows / Mac / Linux

Remove background images in bulk with slazzer

Install the Slazzer desktop app to drag and drop 1000s of images at once!

Our background eraser gives you a transparent image in seconds. 100% automatically!

Boost your efficiency with our bulk background remover desktop app and experience image editing at a whole new level. It’s efficient, fast, precise and gives you options to remove bg, change picture background, add colors and more...

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Remove Background from an image with Slazzer's API tools

Instant API integration

Remove Background from an image with Slazzer's API tools

Integrate our background removal technology into your website or application and remove background from image at scale to create millions of designs at high speed! It is a HTTP-based interface with extensive parameters to serve all industries. You can remove bg at scale with our API doc here.

  • Instant integration
  • Reliable & scalable
  • Ultra-accurate cutouts
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • GDPR compliant
  • Parallel processing speeds start at 500 images/minute
AI design template for any image by slazzer

Use our AI design templates

AI design template for any image by slazzer

Take a look at our newly introduced design templates that automatically appear once you use our background remover. The automatic positioning and visuals will truly amaze you! Stay tuned for more exciting templates to come!

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Image editing tools by slazzer

Make Slazzer a part of your workflow

Image editing tools by slazzer

We've built plugins directly in the best design tools, programs, apps, and eCommerce platforms so you can erase any background automatically with just a touch of a button. We are the leading transparent background maker for a reason!

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Frequently asked questions

What is slazzer & how does it help you?

Slazzer is an AI-powered tool that uses advanced computer vision algorithms to remove and change an image background in seconds.

Slazzer’s API is a HTTP-based interface primarily used to integrate the background changer technology in your website, application, or system.

Yes you can remove background from image for free with Slazzer for low-resolution images and personal use. For higher resolution images and commercial use, Slazzer offers subscription plans for all background removal.

Removing image background manually might be a difficult task. However, you can remove background in seconds with a background removal platform like is one of the best tools to make background transparent in just a few seconds. It is a transparent background maker that is accurate, easy and quick.

You can get a free, professional and 100% automatic background eraser at It uses advanced AI to remove bg in seconds with the highest accuracy.

A white background is usually required to highlight the primary subject of an image and make images look uniform. The Slazzer AI can automatically make the background transparent, change the background color or upload your own custom image.

You can add the Slazzer bulk background remover to your desktop in just a few easy steps.

  • Download and run Slazzer for Windows/Mac/Linux
  • Slazzer for Windows/Mac/Linux will be downloaded in a few seconds
  • Remove background from multiple images at once

Learn more about it here.

Slazzer can help you make background transparent by directly uploading the image on the website. You can also use the Slazzer Desktop Application, Slazzer REST API, Slazzer Android Application and Slazzer plugins.

You can spend countless hours making the background transparent using expensive software. Or you can use Slazzer (white background or transparent background maker) for quick & easy editing in seconds.

Slazzer is the best tool to change image background. You can change bg automatically in seconds.

To change background color or change background photo, you can use Slazzer, an automatic online background change tool.

To change the photo background in Photoshop, you need to select the background layer and deselect others and then seek the background removal option in the menu panel. Then use the eraser. You can also use the Slazzer extension in Photoshop to change background of photo instantly.

Remove Image Background Automatically

Upload an image and get a clear transparent background

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