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Our Mission

Artificial Intelligence for All

With the recent development in Visual AI, we make complicate tech quite simple and easy and hence make it beneficial for everyone, from freelancers or individuals, to businesses irrespective of its size.

We at Slazzer, help people to make their workflow simple and efficient, so that there is increased productivity and creativity. We help organisations and individuals to rethink designs and photography, and provide others in building top notch products of the AI era.

Our Aim

We make sure that our customers know their ideas

Slazzer is one of the best solutions for automated background removal. Removing background of an image has been a major issue for a long time, but not anymore. We are here to assist all freelance designers to curate amazing art piece without any worries. We are also here to provide professionals with all the help required to create creative workpiece. Slazzer is here to channelize power to developers in building apps and systems of the next generation.

Based in India

We are a creative team of IT experts from India . We have our headquarters in the city of joy Kolkata, which is known as the highest-ranking city for the best quality of living and creative young minds.

Built for the world

Our products are made global audience. Our designs can help designers all across the globe, as we have various collections of backgrounds.

Here are some sample for you

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Upload any image & our AI based tool will instantly remove any background in just few seconds without a single click of a button.

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