Refund Policy

We guarantee you 10 days money back policy.

The money back guarantee of 10 days applies when and if :-

  • You have bought a subscription plan for the first time
  • The subscription plan was purchased within the last 10 days
  • You are not happy or satisfied with the quality of result, and have no benefit or further use for the cut out photos generated by
  • you have processed a total of less than 50 images of any resolution
  • Your company, your account or you personally have not made use of the 10 days Money Back Guarantee before.
  • Refund will not be applicable on any custom plan purchase or Top Up plan
To place a refund request, you need to fill out this form. We will then review your request & within 10 days we will contact you via email.
Other Refunds

If you purchase outside of the Money Back Guarantee of 10 days, then it is normally non-refundable. If you not satisfied with your subscription, then you can cancel it any time you like. If you have got some queries, you can contact us right away without any hassle.

Taxes, duties and processing fees which are related to the plan purchased shall be paid by the Customer. The Customer hereby indemnifies the Operator in this respect. We rely on our online merchant processor to calculate all refunds. Any questions with regards to calculations must be directed to

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