On Premise Image Background Removal Software

Get Slazzer’s most advanced visual AI solutions on your own servers

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Designed to meet the demands of the modern enterprise

Simple to Integrate

Slazzer on premise is simple to integrate into your workflow with step by step instructions that are easy to install

Slazzer's On Premise visual AI solutions are available for full deployment on private, local servers owned and operated by businesses.

Data-sensitive businesses can harness Slazzer's advanced technology while benefiting from features like creating a transparent, colored or custom background for all images as well as additional parameters to position, scale, crop, crop margin, or create a region of interest.

Scalable High-Performance

The Slazzer On Premise solution provides the most up-to-date image background optimizations for your image processing. The only way to speed it up is with more powerful hardware. There are no issues with scalability or concurrency, as the only factor affecting these properties is how much server power you allocate to it. You can process your images faster and more securely with our on premise solution than with any cloud service.

Includes all of our visual artificial intelligence algorithms and automation technologies and supports all new upcoming releases.

Our stack is simple to integrate into your workflow. It includes all of the encrypted files you'll need and is laid out with easy-step-by-step instructions to install. Once our solution is up and running, all you have to do is call our REST API from your own server.

Improved network connectivity, hard drives with at least 8VCPU, 64GB RAM and 2*TeslaT4 or above GPU are all necessary for the services to run at their best depending on how many images you are looking to process in an hour.


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What is Slazzer On Premise?

It is a solution that allows you to run the Slazzer background removal technology with all API parameters on your own server.

We will send you files with simple step-by-step instructions to deploy the Slazzer On Premise solution on your own server.

Slazzer On Premise offers the ability to process unlimited images privately on your own server.

No. It is 100% private and there is no data sent to or received from the Slazzer server.

Yes, we will send you regular updates as they are released.

Slazzer On Premise pricing depends on your requirements. Contact us today for a custom quote.