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Create high quality professional car photos

If you are operating a car business or any vehicle network, then you need to promote your car photos on your website and social media daily. It used to take days to edit a car photo background but now you can do it in seconds with Slazzer’s photo editing background car design templates.

No need to pay for car image editing service, our 100% automatic car photo background changer recommends different design templates with perfect positioning and shadows so you can speed up your design workflow. No more car photo editing background headaches, Slazzer’s AI opens up endless possibilities for all auto dealers to quickly advertise their inventory with confidence.

100% Automatic Car Photo Editing

Slazzer offers a 100% automatic car photo editing through its website There is no need for manual intervention as the Slazzer AI can automatically remove image background and recommend a design template in seconds.

A car photo background is of the utmost importance to create a brand for your auto dealer network website and for effective digital advertising creatives. Your customers expect excellent photography and that is what Slazzer offers. No more distracting backdrops, or messing around with photoshoots or manual retouching services, Slazzer’s AI saves all car dealers an enormous amount of time & money for all car photography.

Design a car template with slazzer

100% Automatic vehicle image Editor

Slazzer’s AI design templates give your auto dealer network an opportunity to boost sales like never before. There is no more need for expensive manual photo editing services or photoshoots, our AI saves you time and money to scale all your design needs. Upload your photo and choose from a colored background or automatic design templates with automatic positioning and shadows. Insert your logo for brand recognition and you’re done. There has never been an easier way to create designs to grow your automobile business!