Introducing Slazzer Infinity!

A revolutionary software that gives you the power to cutout unlimited images with unlimited megapixel resolution!
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Unlimited image cutouts

Our Infinity software is a breakthrough product for Slazzer and a world first in the photo editing industry that adapts to your workflow. It works 100% automatically 24x7 to give you unlimited image cutouts!
  • App easy installation
    Easy installation

    Download in just a few seconds

  • App installation- scalable

    Continuous sequential processing without limits

  • Slazzer app installation guidance

    No manual intervention, it’s a breeze to use

Use your existing workflow

Slazzer Infinity combines Automation + AI and is always ready for action.

  • Slazzer infinity tool Be Artistic

    Create transparent, colored or custom image backgrounds of any size.

  • Slazzer infinity - Offline mode Machine

    Works with any operating system running Windows, macOS or Linux.

System Requirements

Slazzer Infinity runs on almost any computer with ease. The following hardware is recommended.
  • Slazzer infinity system processor

    Core i3 processor or equivalent

  • Slazzer infinity system RAM

    8 GB
    (Recommended 16 GB or above)

  • Slazzer infinity system GPU

    4 GB of dedicated VRAM with required drivers installed

Uplift your design opportunities

We are helping to create design workflows with less effort that will expand your business potential.
Advanced vision algorithms

Our AI analyzes millions of pixels per second to give you the most accurate results every time.

Fully automated image processing
With Infinity

Get fully automated image cutouts with no restrictions. No more editing one image at a time or paying per image!

Slazzer’s new technology for perfect pictures
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Unlimited at your fingertips

The Slazzer Infinity software is not only a breakthrough product for Slazzer, it is a world first in the photo editing industry!

Its unlimited approach to image editing will propel you to new heights of productivity.

Its never before seen features of bulk processing, offline capabilities and unlimited image cutouts can now give you the opportunity to design at scale with no limitations!

Slazzer’s sales team

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Contact us today for a custom quote. We will show you the power of Slazzer Infinity!

Help & FAQ

What is Slazzer Infinity?

Slazzer Infinity is a revolutionary software that combines AI + Automation to offer you unlimited image cut-outs with unlimited megapixel resolution - completely offline.

No - it offers unlimited image cutouts.

Slazzer Infinity can provide unlimited megapixel resolution output. It is up to you.

Slazzer Infinity offers unlimited image cutouts with unlimited megapixel resolution and unlimited file size whereas on you pay per image and are restricted to 25 megapixel resolution and 12 megabytes of file size.

Slazzer Infinity pricing depends on your requirements. Contact us today for a custom quote.