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Every business nowadays is online and what does that mean? Product imagery is a top priority. Slazzer’s picture optimizer for products is the solution that all online sellers have been waiting for. The layout of a product page is crucial and a product photo background is the most important to win customer trust and increase sales. Slazzer’s design templates give you automatic product positioning and shadows that will put a spotlight on your product 100% automatically!

Edit your product image in less Time

Stop wasting time and money on manually retouching product images. Our auto photo background changer is here to boost your productivity and more importantly grow your sales. Our proprietary AI offers product image editing in seconds, not hours or days, and is the most advanced technology to showcase your products with beautiful imagery that scream to be purchased.

Product photo optimizing ideas

Auto product photo background changer

Slazzer’s automatic design templates is a next level design solution that gives ecommerce websites and platforms the opportunity to scale design effortlessly. We are helping all retail design teams, photographers and any online entrepreneur to streamline their design tasks and get to more important things to grow their business. The Slazzer auto background changer and design templates enhance product images with natural shadows to add depth and consistency to products and meet requirements for even the most stringent ecommerce platforms. There are no manual services here, our AI does it 100% automatically and at scale!