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Sky removal for real estate images

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When it comes to buying something as important as real estate, the quality of images must do justice to the actual property. Sky editing background in real estate pictures used to take time and involve many retouching services but Slazzer’s new design templates pushes automated design to new levels. Professional photographers, designers or any non-designer can now use Slazzer’s sky removal to edit all residential and commercial exterior photos in seconds.

Bg sky blue

Professional looking photographs command a higher price and the quality of images in real estate can have a significant impact on the selling price. Pictures that aptly capture the beauty of a property increase leads and the truth is that the right image to the right audience can be life-changing. A boring shot of land or a gloomy sky can turn things off for the buyer. On the contrary, a shiny bright sky can convey positive emotion and ignite the imagination of living there. With Slazzer design templates you can swap that somber and unwelcoming sky to something more pleasing like a bg sky blue.