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Generate an online custom recipe card that sells your food

When you try our online recipe card maker template your food shots will reach a whole new level of yummy. Take a photo of any dish and simply upload it to Slazzer and watch our design templates magically give it the wow factor. Download it instantly or share it with your friends and social networks, everyone loves food photography!

How to make online custom recipe cards

A good recipe always needs clear, concise text and exceptional food photography. Slazzer takes care of the latter and eliminates expensive photoshoots or spending hours editing your pictures. Just take a picture of any food item or meal with your phone and upload it to Slazzer’s recipe design template and you’ll be done in seconds. Our AI detects the foreground image instantly and gives you awesome choices to create custom recipe cards 100% automatically!

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Design beautiful recipe cards online with Slazzer

Our free recipe template and free design template for all your food shots give you incredible design choices in seconds. Once your food is detected, Slazzer cuts it out with fine precision and gives you a wide selection of creative plates and backgrounds to choose from. You will be amazed at how quickly you can create that perfect picture of your meal or recipe and share it on all your social media. If you are a food influencer, blogger, social media manager or just an enthusiast of great food photography, our Slazzer design templates are for you!